What is Cute?

Reading is my earliest memory. Occupying the book of Dads arm, I’d crack open my favorite board book beneath a wash of lamplight and squish myself deep down into the armchair cushions, waiting for the familiar hum of his voice. We read the same book a hundred times (a testament to his patience), but for me—age three—each reading was just as magical as the last. And while the days of reading board books have long since passed, I believe that my current love affair with books is deeply rooted in those evenings with Dad.

Now it’s emails and voicemails we exchange, not stories by lamplight, but the memory remains, a vivid reel in my head. This memory was stirred when I had the privilege of working on two board books from our Spring 2010 list: What is Green? A Colors Book and Who Hoo Are You: An Animal’s Book.

Brimming with wide-eyed animals (I’m a playing, spraying elephant), and vibrant splashes of color (What is red? A heart, a tulip, a sweater), these books are the creation of Seattle-based artist Kate Endle. Endle—whose art has appeared in murals, greeting cards, and magazines—has found just the right ingredient list for her books: a big batch of fun, colorful images; a dash of playful rhyming schemes; and a copious amount of almost-painful cuteness.

Mix it all together, and you have the recipe for memorable reading moments. And I’m not just saying this from the point of view of a former three-year-old. I dare you not to be smitten with Endless curious calico kitten or the smiling yellow sun (which, by the way, we could really use more of in this city). Simply put, there’s no grown-up too grown-up for the bliss these little books bring.


I hope you liked this post! Stay tuned for my next ones!